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Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine




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Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine


Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine
Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine
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2017-09-22 10:16:14
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Turbine oil pollution control including reconcile the production control and operation control of two aspects. In the process of turbine oil production and operation of turbines, generally we use Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier to remove solid impurities, moisture and gas.


When the Turbine Lubricating Oil Purifier is working, the contaminated oil enters the heater through the inlet through the inlet of the outside air pressure, the heated oil enters the primary filter, the large particle impurities are filtered, and then the oil enters the water separator, vacuum separation device, through a special divergence device. The diffuser creates a large surface area per unit volume of oil, exposing the contaminated oil to an atmosphere of relatively low relative humidity, thereby removing water, air and gas from the oil. Evaporation of water vapor, the gas formed by the mixed gas through the tank and cooler condensed into a liquid, together into the water reservoir, the remaining gas was vacuum pumping out. Remove the oil from the oil pump into the fine filter into the fine filter impurities, that is, purification of oil, to complete a purification process, according to the amount of water, the need to cycle several times to completely remove the water.


1. Turbine Oil Purifier in the factory have been adjusted before the test, transported to the use of the site to check whether the parts are intact.

2. Oil Filtration Machine is installed stable, the oil port connected to the lower part of the fuel tank, the oil port connected to the upper part of the tank.

3. Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine connected to the power and ground. The power distribution cabinet on the machine and the pump, vacuum pump, heater wiring should be checked to ensure that the connection is firm, reliable insulation.

4. the pump motor test start, observe whether the clockwise rotation (from the motor side face). Otherwise the power exchange phase.

5. On-line purification of hydraulic turbine oil, steam turbine oil and other mechanical oil filtration, the need to add the same brand of oil to ensure normal oil tank.


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